Safehouse is a livestream production that showcases interactive music performances online. Our mission is to empower musicians with a modern approach to discoverability and autonomy in the music industry through livestreaming. 

Established in 2016, Safehouse has been showcasing Austin's most talented, active and eclectic musicians via livestream performance. Our team aims to celebrate diversity by representing all communities who create, write and perform music. We have hosted over 200 shows, featuring over 750 artists to nearly a million music lovers from all corners of the world. 


Safehouse is proud to be the Lonestar State's first and most established interactive virtual concert venue. We're excited to continue developing a sustainable online community for musicians and to put on killer interactive showcases for our digital audience in 2021.






  • Explore opportunities to interact and connect with fans via live-streaming. 

  • Create your own path and develop your own fanbase without the direction, meddling or approval of record labels and traditional industry gatekeepers.

  • Cultivate a network of fellow artists that share resources and ideas in a decentralized creative environment.

  • Optimize the possibilities and opportunities that come from performing in a venue with unlimited capacity.


Music Fans

  • Discover new and emerging independent artists freely without influence from major labels.

  • Support artists directly for a truly sustainable online creative community.

  • Connect and interact with your favorite artists on an entirely new level via live-streaming.



  • Share with the world your unique taste by hosting your favorite live-streaming artists and channels on your personal channel.

  • Book and stream local shows to showcase the creative community in your corner of the world.

  • Embrace the growing community of live-streamers who are changing the way we experience music.

Eric Heiert



Sean Green