Safehouse is a live-streaming music platform that hosts real time performances live online. Our goal is to empower musicians with a modern approach to discoverability and autonomy in the music industry through live-streaming. 

Established in 2016, we began live-streaming monthly showcases featuring some of the most talented, active and diverse musicians in Austin, Texas. Our volunteer-run, DIY production has grown to become the home for weekly live-streaming performances and interactive music showcases in The Lonestar State. 

We have hosted over 100 shows, featuring over 600 artists to over half a million music lovers from all corners of the world. 






  • Explore opportunities to interact and connect with fans via live-streaming. 

  • Create your own path and develop your own fanbase without the direction, meddling or approval of record labels and traditional industry gatekeepers.

  • Cultivate and benefit from a network of fellow artists that share resources and ideas in a decentralized creative environment.

  • Realize the possibilities and opportunities that come from performing in a venue with unlimited capacity.


Music Fans

  • Discover new and emerging independent artists freely without influence from major labels.

  • Support artists directly for a truly sustainable online creative community.

  • Connect and interact with your favorite artists on an entirely new level via live-streaming.



  • Share with the world your unique taste by hosting your favorite live-streaming artists and channels on your personal channel.

  • Book and stream local shows to showcase the creative community in your corner of the world.

  • Embrace the growing community of live-streamers who are changing the way we experience music.

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